Longwood Performing Arts has been training students in the fine art of dance since 1978. For more than four decades, we have continued to be a leader in dance education. We believe that our success comes as a result of providing solid training and quality service, along with an underlying belief in the strength of our organization. Our highly experienced faculty offers top-quality training in several fields of dance. Students are encouraged to be well-rounded dancers and versatile performers.


At Longwood Performing Arts, we feel that dance enhances a student’s grace, poise and self-esteem. Classes are carefully structured according to the age and ability of students with each one instructed as an individual. Whether students seek a strong foundation for a potential professional career or training for personal enjoyment, Longwood Performing Arts provides a positive and comfortable environment in which they can learn. We have created this handbook to offer our dancers and their parents a clear understanding of their commitments and responsibilities involved in their dance education.